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Bath Tea Soak

Nourishing Bath Soak made with Coconut Milk, Epson Salt, Dead Sea Salt, Oatmeal, Baking Soda, Green Tea, Mint, Rose - Lavender and Chamomile Buds. Size: 10 oz
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 Bath Tea's are handmade blends of fine quality essential oils and dried premium botanicals, that enhance the bath both aromatically and symptomatically.  Each Tea comes with an wooden scoop.   Grab your scoop and sprinkle some tea into your bath and let the steeping begin!  We recommend allowing these teas to steep for 5 minutes in the tub, while the beautifully dried herbs, salts and essential oils mend in the warm H20, to wisp you away on a getaway to rejuvenation.


Sprinkle a little or a lot into your bath water to help soothe soar muscles & joints. And the coconut milk and sea salt will help to pamper the skin.


Bath Soak:

- Gently exfoliates

- Hydrates & Soften skin

- Helps to relieve dry, itchy skin




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